Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Success is a personal strategy. What type of brand are you?

Do you think that it’s only blue-chip companies that need to project a brand to succeed? Like Apple owning form and function? Fedex embracing speed and reliability? Or Coca Cola cornering the market on happiness?

Nope. Achieving success starts on a much more personal level: each and every one of us. Are you the person who always completes projects on time and budget? The director who answers his phone day or night? Or the mom who’s a genius at running school events?

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, be it branding or onion farming. What is important is that you define an image of yourself that is honest and strive to make it compatible with other people’s perceptions of you.

Why does this matter? Because the benefits of nurturing your unique brand are countless. It’ll get you that new job. It’ll give you that promotion. It’ll increase your salary. People value people more if they perceive them as experts – and when people value you more, they will want you around more.

Here’s some ways to make it happen:
What makes you different? What makes you stand out? What do you want to be known for? Sit down and think about it. Focus on your strengths here and NOT your weaknesses. Be honest with the answers. Being real always comes out tops.

Live a life which inspires you. True success doesn’t come from hitting the snooze button fifteen times. Get up and go. Identify your passion – and motivate the hell out of it. It makes work more like play – and you’ll be better at it and more enjoyable to be around.

Shout your identity from the rooftops. It’s all very well crafting an impeccable personal brand but unless you project it, nobody will ever know. Dress in your own style, lose those extra pounds, project confidence, embrace social media, network! Discover that energy that people will notice when you walk into the room.

And, finally, remember that though these thoughts seem tailored to one’s own person, following them will increase the chances of your business’s success.

Because companies are all about people. And people are what matters.

Cheers, until next month - keep on branding!

Hilton Alexander Rose

Your Brand Agency | Director

Skype: hilton293