Monday, 13 May 2013

Marketing trends. Coming soon to a medium near you.

What marketing blockbusters are on the horizon for small businesses? Here’s my little guide to what’s hot – and what’s not!

Social media 12
So your brand has been faithfully creating presences on every hot social media site, from Facebook to Pinterest. But guess what? There will always be a sequel. There will always be tomorrow’s hotter, sexier platform, with more special effects and better make-up. So realise that, just like any video store or cinema, not every movie on offer is good. What I do with our brands at #YBA is choose specific platforms that make the most sense for the brand’s that we manage and their audiences. By doing so, we see greater returns and less wasted effort.

Indiana Jones and the Hunt for Simplicity
Say goodbye to marketing, Gangnam style. Audiences everywhere, and their digitised lives, are exhausted with overloaded senses. Enough, they cry. So give them simplicity - whether it’s a simple idea in an ad, a product that makes their lives simpler or even making their customer journey less complicated. They’ll thank you for it.

Jurassic Campaigns
Sometimes through-the-line campaigns are great. But increasingly, they’re out of date. The very idea that one idea can work seamlessly across every medium from online to mobile to cinema to radio to in-store to TV to direct marketing is a delusion. Ideas need to be tailored to maximise the strengths of any given medium. Radio is theatre of the mind. Online is interactive. Keep your message consistent but don’t just transfer imagery. Harness the power of your medium.

The Colour of Money
Would you be surprised to learn that 73% of executives do not believe that marketing significantly ties to creating revenue? It’s true. But they’re wrong. Mostly because a lot of marketing, like brand building, can’t be measured. But as measurable returns of investment lead generation increase on the internet and below the line, we should see this incorrect perception corrected.

Cell Wars
Nowadays, more people are buying smart phones than PC’s. So marketers need to keep up. I’ve seen some great GPS–based mobile campaigns, I’ve also seen some stunningly simple mobile sites but there’s still room for better mobile strategies to make your brand more competitive. This is the year mobile comes of age – and grows up to take over the world!

Hilton Alexander Rose
Your Brand Agency | Director 

Skype: hilton293